“While Mommy’s away, the cat will play”

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And that’s pretty much how SUPERSWEET x moumi was born. As Mommy was away working on new projects for SUPERSWEET, Abyssinian Blue moumi found herself bored at home and began planning her own rise to fame. Experimenting with styles she’d been working on in her head, it didn’t take long for her to begin printing that head on plain t-shirts.

Upon Mom’s return, she found rolls of moumi-stamped cloth leftover from these experiments, and her bewilderment soon turned to joy for her baby as she saw how popular the tees had been. These simple and unique items had been selling like hot cakes on a cold day, so she decided to give moumi her own spin-off label, and thus SUPERSWEET x moumi came into being.

Soon after, in late 2011, these initial experiments became the first official collection, a modest start simply entitled “moumi”. Consisting of plain tees made from 100% organic cotton with the already iconic moumi face print, this collection aimed to have a unisex allure; something that would deliberately and defiantly appeal to men and women alike, whilst keeping the design itself simple.

The feedback for this collection was incredible, especially from guys, giving moumi the inspiration for her second collection. “The Cruise Collection”, released in early 2012, was this time mostly aimed at men, but also at girls who like to wear the ‘boyfriend look’. An assemblage of shorts and shirts, The Cruise Collection continued the theme of feline print, but in a more subtle manner. With this collection, SUPERSWEET x moumi was coming into its own.

The summer of 2012 saw new additions to the team, with the arrival of two younger sisters, Myogi and Kikilala, who have joined moumi in her creative endeavours. The feline trio worked diligently and just in time for the Spring/Summer 2013 season came the invigorated label’s third collection: “Haberdashery”.

In collaboration with three different illustrators, Haberdashery is a collection of dazzling cat-inspired artwork, printed on fabric for the seamstress or seamster to continue their own imaginative journey into and out of style. This collection also saw the introduction of a signature theme of SUPERSWEET x moumi; the eye-catching and unique frilly, scallop edging on many of the pieces.

2013 also saw the return of the original print from the eponymous first collection, but this time not on plain t-shirts, but as a highly successful tote bag. And that October, a meeting with New York indie-scene perennial Adam Green ended in a new creative collaboration, with a range of special merchandise, celebrating the coming together of music and design.

The success of the designer cats is in no short part a consequence of their multi-cultural backgrounds and global influences. Two Australians, and a New Yorker, working out of Bangkok and schooled in London, SUPERSWEET x moumi links four corners of the world.

The three distinct but dedicated siblings are setting their plans for the future. With a ready-to-wear collection in the pipeline and the first dedicated SUPERSWEET x moumi concept store due to open sometime in 2014, as well as a host of ideas for side-projects; the future is looking increasingly feline.