A day with Tangerine

Have we ever told you what a big crush we have on Tangerine? The music they make is the kind of music that makes you dream; with the early stuff you can literally just close your eyes and see the life they have and the later stuff just makes you dream of more dreams.

Interview with Tangerine from SUPERSWEET on Vimeo.


On our latest trip to California we finally got to meet them in the flesh after a dozen of love e-letter exchanges and they recently relocated from Seattle to LA. So we did an introductory interview with them for you THEN came the fun part where we all got girlie and played dress-up as we challenged them to show us how to style SUPERSWEET x moumi’s latest pieces into their stage ensembles. Now our dream to dress girls in rock in Cali has finally come true!

Dress Up with Tangerine from SUPERSWEET on Vimeo.