Isetan Shinjuku Pop-Up: Cat’s Issue


SUPERSWEET x moumi made its debut in Japan at the Cat’s Issue Pop-Up Store! Thank you to everyone who came and supported our launch, we couldn’t have asked for more! Meow!

Thank you for these cool photos: Kimura, Shoko and Junko!

moumi, myogi, kikilala xxx

IMG_1623   IMG_1547   IMG_1542

IMG_1548   IMG_1538   IMG_1528

IMG_0800   IMG_0790   1779812_786448061383726_1970778596_n

1496913_786448038050395_933372010_n   IMG_1685   IMG_1678

IMG_1677   IMG_1657   IMG_1655

IMG_1647   IMG_1640   IMG_1635

IMG_1632   IMG_1560   IMG_1557

IMG_0845   IMG_0791   brand_VL_SSxmoumi

brand_SSxmoumi_CatsIssue   brand_Paul&JoeSister   brand_aquadrops

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