AW14-15: Moutalheads


SUPERSWEET x moumi have pressed their pedigree paws together to curate and design Moutalheads, a mini and musical collection for this Autumn Winter 2014.

Influenced by the riotous power of 80’s heavy metal to combat a broken heart, moumi’s Moutalheads is her bold adventure into the realm of coveted band memorabilia. Reworking iconic album artwork of bands Metallica, Iron Maiden and Motorhead, moumi and her metalhead pals, myogi and kikilala, join forces with illustrators to produce a collection of stationery and silk-screen printed tees and totes.

Just this Spring, the Abyssinian-blue artist dared DIY designers to transform their frayed dreams into frilly reality with SUPERSWEET x moumi: Haberdashery, a whimsical collection of fabrics, graphic tees and totes. Pouncing into fall, moumi forsakes all tomcats and returns to her headbanger roots, yowling into existence, the ferocious Moutalheads collection.

Honoring the bigwigs of metal, Michael Zander, illustrator from Haberdashery glory, whips up a feline-frenzy, transforming the album art of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’, into a melancholy graveyard of marionette cats, compelled by string. British-based illustrator, Bob London, switches the trademark Iron Maiden skulls into stone cold sphinxes, while evolving Motorhead’s War-Pig into a War-Pussycat.

Reminiscent of vintage band merch, each redesign is silk-screen printed in five colors with the exception of Moutorhead being monochromatic, on jet black club tees and handsome totes; and for the first time, tees arrive in editions to fit both the female and male forms. Moutalheads also marks the return of a stationery line, presenting a selection of signature holographic-backed stickers and notebooks, printed with a Moutalheads playlist and illustrations.

SUPERSWEET x moumi ‘Moutalheads’ launches in September 2014 online at and; physically at The SUPERSWEET x moumi Pop-Up (Silom Complex), The Selected (Siam Center), Liberty Area One, Happening Shop BACC, Purr Cat Cafe, Cataholic Cafe, Chico & Interior Product Cafe, One Ounce for Onion.